• What is CAM?

What is CAM?

The vision is for an expansive metro-style network that seamlessly connects regional settlements, major city fringe employment sites and key satellite growth areas across the region with key railway stations and Cambridge city centre, helping to nurture and sustain long-term regional economic growth. CAM is currently expected to use a technologically advanced, sustainable, highly flexible trackless electric vehicle.

The CAM network will comprise both tunnelled and surface elements and will be delivered over the next decade:

  • The City Tunnel Section, which is the subject of this consultation, will include new underground tunnels and stations under the city of Cambridge, with planned major interchange hubs at the city centre and at Cambridge railway station;
  • Four regional routes will connect St Neots, Alconbury, Mildenhall and Haverhill with the city of Cambridge and, through the central tunnelled section, with each other.

An indicative map of how the CAM network would look is shown below.