• The Need for CAM

The Need for CAM

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough economy has seen rapid growth over many years, driven by the success of innovative businesses and its attractiveness to outside investment. The region competes with other advanced, tech-driven economies globally.

This has created jobs and attracted more skilled people to the region, but it has also put pressure on infrastructure. House prices in the Greater Cambridge area are some of the most unaffordable in the country. This means people have been forced to live further from where they work, causing longer commutes. A lack of capacity on public transport and roads to cope with a growing population and increased commuting means congestion is a regular problem.

While the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority and others are investing in better roads, rail and buses, these investments alone will not be enough to help the economy grow to its potential and maximise future opportunities.

By investing in brand new, fast, reliable, affordable public transport, CAM will offer more than just better journeys. CAM will enable new housing to be planned sensitively, including through new garden communities, rather than through bolt-on development, which results in even more car use and pressure on roads. It will also boost businesses, creating jobs and connecting people to greater opportunities. With the extensive public transport network offered by CAM, businesses which want to expand will be able to do so across a much wider area, spreading prosperity and investment to more people and places.

The continued success of the dynamic, innovative and highly-skilled, economy of Cambridgeshire and Peterborough is vital for local people and business, and is also of strategic national importance, helping this country compete globally in a technology-driven world.

Benefits of CAM

  • Improving Your Travel Experience
    CAM will provide a high-quality, reliable and regular service using modern vehicles, significantly reducing journey times between the wider region and the city of Cambridge including through using autonomous technology (when available), with dedicated routes which avoid delays, improving the travel experience for all.
  • Expanding Your Range of Opportunities
    By connecting existing and planned settlements with key regional centres of employment, CAM will greatly expand the opportunities available to residents of the region, including access to a greater number and variety of jobs. Students will also benefit from greater access to a wider range of training opportunities, apprenticeships, colleges and sixth form places. Access will also be improved to health care facilities and other essential services for all residents.
  • Improving Air Quality and Reducing Congestion
    By providing a passenger transport system that offers a genuine alternative to using the car, CAM will help to reduce congestion and improve air quality through the use of zero emission vehicles, improving the local environment for all.
  • Supporting Sustainable Regional Growth
    CAM will provide more than high quality journeys. By investing in leading infrastructure, sustainable new housing and space for businesses to grow will also be unlocked. CAM will help businesses spread into areas with more headroom for growth, where infrastructure is built-in, ensuring economic expansion happens sustainably and sensitively.
  • Encouraging New Investment
    By decreasing the relative distance between key ‘clusters’ around the city and across the region, CAM will link key growth areas, encouraging additional jobs by making the region a more attractive place to locate, expand and invest.

For further information on the importance of CAM to the local and national economy read the National Significance of the Cambridgeshire Autonomous Metro report.