• The Need for CAM

The Need for CAM

To date, economic growth in the region has not been matched by infrastructure, particularly transport. To nurture and sustain this growth, new infrastructure is needed to support the delivery of new jobs and new homes.

CAM will connect key regional centres of employment, existing settlements, key railway stations, new homes and planned growth, to create a platform for sustainable and inclusive growth.

Introducing a rapid transit solution in the form of CAM will transform people’s day-to-day lives, by connecting communities and creating new jobs and widening access to opportunities across the region.

Benefits of CAM

  • Improving Your Travel Experience
    CAM will provide a reliable and regular service using modern vehicles, significantly reducing journey times between the wider region and the city of Cambridge through the utilisation of autonomous technology (where practicable) with dedicated routes which reduce congestion, improving the travel experience for all.
  • Expanding Your Range of Opportunities
    By connecting existing and planned settlements with key regional centres of employment, CAM will greatly expand the opportunities available to residents of the region, including access to a greater number and variety of jobs. Students will also benefit from greater access to a wider range of training opportunities, apprenticeships, colleges and sixth form places. Access will also be improved to health care facilities and other essential services for all residents.
  • Improving Air Quality and Reducing Congestion
    By providing a passenger transport system that offers a genuine alternative to using the car, CAM would help to reduce congestion and improve air quality within the city of Cambridge through the use of electric vehicles, improving the local environment for all.
  • Supporting Sustainable Regional Growth
    CAM will connect key regional centres of employment, with existing settlements, railway stations and planned growth, to create a platform for sustainable and inclusive growth across the region, in addition to the opportunity to provide more new and affordable homes.
  • Encouraging New Investment
    By decreasing the relative distance between key ‘clusters’ around the city and across the region, CAM will link key growth areas, encouraging additional jobs by making the region a more attractive place to
    locate, expand and invest.