• Delivering CAM

Delivering CAM

CAM is one of the largest, most innovative infrastructure projects in the UK.

To give CAM the dedicated resource and expertise needed, the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority has established a separate company focused entirely on its delivery.

The company, called a special purpose vehicle, is wholly owned by the Combined Authority and is called One CAM Limited.

Most large infrastructure projects like Crossrail, HS2 and East West Rail have such delivery bodies.

One CAM Limited was incorporated in September 2020. On September 30, 2020, Cambridge’s Lord Mair, Robert Mair CBE, was appointed as the first chair of the One CAM Ltd Board.

The next steps for the development of One CAM Limited include the recruitment of the rest of the Board and a chief executive.

When will CAM be delivered?

A recent review of progress so far recommended that the best way to advance CAM was to ensure it was delivered as one joined up system, rather than breaking it down into separate route projects. Preparations are underway to detail an overarching strategy for the whole project, known as a One CAM approach. This is planned to lead to the development of a programme-wide business case as a key next phase, anticipated to start in early spring 2021.

The One CAM Limited Board

Chair: Lord Mair

Lord Mair, Robert Mair CBE, is a renowned civil engineer, known internationally as an authority on tunnel engineering. His career has combined work as a leading academic at the University of Cambridge with providing cutting-edge expertise for a range of challenging underground construction schemes nationally and globally.

He was involved in the design and construction of London’s Jubilee Line Extension, HS1 and Crossrail. He is currently advising on design and construction aspects of HS2 and has been involved with major infrastructure schemes across the world.

Board Members

Recruitment is ongoing for Board members. The full board is expected to be in place by the beginning of December 2020.

Conceptual Design Challenge

Some of the best brains in engineering, science, tech and digital are shaping the future of the CAM by developing conceptual designs for the vehicle, its infrastructure and how the system might operate.

The challenge was launched by the Cambridgeshire & Peterborough Combined Authority to test the market for technologies, innovations, designs, operational systems and commercial ideas which could provide an in-the-round design solution to the CAM’s delivery.

Tenders from the current phase are due back in December and later in the month three top scoring tenderers are due to be awarded contracts to develop the conceptual designs in full. Three sequenced milestones – ‘stage gate’ reviews – will follow, ensuring the best possible designs are delivered in March 2021.

Bold, creative, but also realistic and value-for-money designs are required to cover:

  • The CAM vehicle: What a proposed autonomous metro vehicle could look like, including considerations around guidance, operating systems and how it can be futureproofed against rapidly changing technology.
  • CAM infrastructure: What infrastructure the vehicle would run on, including the IT system and recommended approaches for their design, build, operation, safety assurance and maintenance.
  • Operations: How the CAM will run, and what the customer experience should be like.
  • Commercial relationships: Creative opportunities for revenue streams which will support the funding of the CAM.
  • The environment: Ensuring CAM is world leading in protecting the environment.

The resulting three conceptual designs are targeted to be completed in March 2021. They are not intended to be the conclusive delivery solution for CAM, but will help inform how the scheme develops further.