Conceptual Designs

Three conceptual designs showcasing radical, innovative thinking which could shape and transform how the CAM is delivered have been completed.

The three consortiums of leading experts selected for the process have put forward three very different, thought-provoking conceptual designs for an in-the-round solution to CAM’s delivery. This includes the vehicle, the infrastructure, and how the system would operate.

These are not intended to be ultimate design solution for CAM. What they aim to do is inform, challenge and inspire how CAM can realise its aim to be transformational for the future of the region, while remaining deliverable and offering value for money.

The concept packs below show the designs in more detail.

  1. The Dromos Technologies CAM Concept – View Here
  2. The Egis CAM Concept – View Here
  3. The Mott MacDonald CAM Concept – View Here

To read the press release, click here.

Three lead suppliers developing the designs brought in expert partners from a range of disciplines as part of their consortia, to help develop the wide-ranging elements of the CAM solution required.

Innovations, technologies and thinking in the designs will be considered and could be incorporated into the next phases of CAM’s development.