Conceptual Designs – Press Pack

In addition to the press release issued under embargo, please find below packs for the three Concept Designs, together with associated imagery. Please ensure that all images are accredited and captioned as listed.

  1. The Dromos Technologies CAM ConceptDromos CAM Concept PackImages: All to be credited “Image courtesy of Dromos Technologies/PriestmanGoode” and captioned “Dromos Network design proposal for CAM”Image 1Image 2Image 3

    Image 4

    Image 5

    Image 6

  2. The Egis CAM Concept Egis CAM Concept PackImages: All to be credited “Image courtesy of Egis”, captions belowImage 1 (caption: Proposed Egis CAM Vehicle)Image 2 (caption: Proposed Egis CAM Vehicle)Image 3 (caption: Proposed Egis CAM stop)
  3. The Mott MacDonald CAM ConceptMott MacDonald CAM Concept PackImages: All to be credited “Image courtesy of Mott MacDonald”, captions as belowImage 1 (caption: CAM stations are reimagined as community-centred mobility hubs – inclusive, shared and animated public spaces where all connecting modes are serviced seamlessly with the same priority. A modular approach to construction allows for each hub to be customised in response to the specific and evolving needs of the local community.)Image 2 (caption: Platform View – CAM places the customer at its centre. Intelligent and real-time network information, coupled with accessible public facilities, will make sure future passengers travel in comfort and with confidence. The open and permeable design promotes safety, integration and social interactions – a catalyst for local place-making and community development.)Image 3 (caption: Through our Localised Manufacturing Centre initiative, we are proposing to build the CAM vehicle in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, providing skills and jobs in assembly and then ongoing work in maintenance and even work in potential sales to other cities. Our ambition has been proven with the Transport Design International-led Coventry tram programme which nears completion.)Image 4 (caption: The autonomous CAM vehicle has been designed by Stratford-upon-Avon-based Transport Design International directed from its Cambridge Office. The vehicle is a swift and smooth long-distance battery-powered vehicle which is nonetheless highly manoeuvrable in urban environments due to its bidirectional design and all-wheel steering.)

    Image 5 (caption: This view throughout the double carriage vehicle shows the open and cosmopolitan look and feel of the CAM vehicle. Our design features 50 seats with space for many more standing, generous wheelchair/buggy spaces, 125% coverage by high-definition security cameras for passenger safety, anti-microbial coatings on the furniture, airborne virus countermeasures and a comfortable air-conditioned atmosphere.)